Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Banzai Gardening

I'm leaving for San Diego in a few days. I did some planting last week, but I still had three plants left-over (tomato, yellow squash and lemon cucumber) and no place to put them. I really wanted to get them planted before leaving; Rob is still here to water them.

So I was at Costco this morning, and they had these big corrugated boxes with holes in the bottom. I took them home and plopped them on top of our dying lawn and filled them with home-grown compost. Ta-da! Instant raised beds. I think they're sturdy enough to get through the season without falling apart; we shall see.


  1. are the boxes still intact, my Dragon Momma? ;)

  2. They're looking a bit distorted, but they're still intact.
    (Dang, now that you reminded me of my blog's existence I'm feeling all guilty like I need to write a new post.)