Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hearts, Dreams, Beads and Shoes

Routine-breakers, days 57 through 60

57: I'm usually a Valentine's Day grinch (Hallmark holiday! Bah, humbug!) but I figured I'd go with the flow and make cutesy Valentine goodies for Rob. These are the same as the regular granola bars that I make, but I made these in heart-shaped, silicone baking cups and wrapped them in gold foil to look all fancy:

58: I programmed myself at bed-time to remember my dream. I know I dream, but I usually forget what it was by morning. This was not the most exciting dream to remember: I dreamt that I had a janitorial job at the Y, and spent hour after hour collecting and washing the towels.

59: I was fixing a seam on a shirt I got from a thrift store, and I spontaneously fancied it up with some beads I had on hand.

60: Did you know that there are all sorts of ways to relace your shoes? Many of them require two sets of shoe-laces, but I followed this tutorial to bar-lace my Converse. Here is the before and after:

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