Monday, February 28, 2011

Playing Games & Playing With Knives

61: We haven't played any new games for a long time, but I found Castle Keep at the thrift store and it looked interesting. It said "ages 8 and up", so I figured I could handle it.

Talked hubby and son into playing a few rounds. Eh. OK but not great. The playing pieces are pretty cool looking; maybe I can use them in some future creative endeavor.

62: Got a first-aid certificate from Red Cross. Haven't had one for about 30 years.

63: I generally hate computer games and anything classified as a brain game. So I Googled "brain games" and came up with this. I checked out every game on the website and this is the only one I actually liked.

64: Rob is the official knife-sharpener in the house. He's always telling me how easy it is, but I've always resisted learning. Today I had him show me how. He's right; it is easy!

Don't you think it's a good idea that I took the first-aid class before I started playing with knives?


  1. LOL...Love this post! I've discovered a good gamesite on the web. always has good holidays and skill games. If you take another hankering to play computer games again, check it out. I've found video/computer games to be a good way to "jar" loose a mental block. LOL

  2. Are you hooked on "Angry Birds"? I think I must be the last computer owner in the country who has never played it!

  3. You're not alone, my dear blogger friend. I've never played "Angry Birds." What is it exactly?

  4. Something about birds throwing rocks at pigs, so I gather from a few spoofs I've seen. Sounds very intellectual, huh?

  5. You definitely conquered the first aid class then knife wielding in the right order. My husband is also the knife sharpener at home. He's also the child-booger picker. I can't pick the boogies out of Greedy Baby's nose. It gives me the creepies. Let husband do it instead.

  6. Oh lord, do not play Angry Birds. I got addicted to that, for about a month. It was awful. I don't like the game all that much, but I hate the way the pigs laugh at me when I lose. I just want the pigs to die!

    On another note, I would love to learn how to sharpen my knives. Oh and HI! So great to run into you at the store. :)

  7. Nice meeting you, too! You're very easy to recognize; exactly like your photos!