Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Decorating Continues

I add to my Halloween decor every year. This year I decided that what I really needed was a murder of crows. (Yes, that is the actual collective term.)

I also like to arrange my old stuff in a different way, just to keep things fresh. This time I'm clumping all my "witch" items on the fireplace mantel. I had no idea I had this many witches.

Rob got me some chocolate monsters I had seen at World Market, and I needed a way to display them. So I took some old cardboard castle blocks and Halloweenified them with black paint. I think they came out pretty good.

Then I had to replace a non-Halloween picture in the dining room. I repainted a picture box black and made this with a scrapbook page and some chenille pipe-cleaners:

I had to figure out where to put Clyde. This year he's sitting on top of the DVD shelves. That's a lady's shawl he's wearing, but I think he pulls it off quite well. I tried out a purple boa on his head, but he looked like he was in drag.

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