Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween T's, continued

Halloween t-shirt #2:

Here's what our letter carrier gets to see when he delivers our mail every day:
They don't bother him at all, but he does claim to be terrified of the coffin by the front door; he thinks that some day something will pop out of it. He's lucky that it's only about 4 feet tall, otherwise I'd consider it.


  1. Just got my skull stuff out of storage. Yay for Halloween!

  2. Love the HWeen tshirt collection!

    The last post...your arms are looking pretty buff there! I assume you're lifting more than 2 lb dumbbells for your bicep curls? KIDDING! haha! I know you know your way around the weight room and arent afraid to really lift! :)

    So happy you're in all your HWeen glory this month! You probably give out like 5 pieces of candy to each kid..I would have loved your house growing up...and still would :)