Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lights Out

A couple of weeks ago I bought this intriguing looking linzer cookie-cutter set for making fancy, Martha-Stewart-perfect Halloween cookies:
Unfortunately, my date-nut ball recipe was just a wee bit too sticky and they didn't come out looking even remotely like the cookies on the package. Which is not to say that the product is a piece of junk; it just requires a drier recipe.

Anyway, no food was wasted in the process. I was able to shape the balls into rough skull-shapes and decorate them with white chocolate chips. I had barely begun when I heard a couple of loud THUMPS and the lights went out, which had the amazing effect of bringing my long-lost son out of his room! I actually talked him into decorating some of the balls with me. Which is why the one at the bottom of the plate is an owl instead of a skull.

Long-lost son. I think he was four years old the last time I saw him.

Turns out a transformer pole around the corner caught on fire, and all the struts had to be replaced. (That's what the PG&E guy told me; I really have no idea what that means.) Lights were out from 11:30am to 11:00pm. Time to break out the candles:


  1. I aboslutely love this blog. Keep up the great work, and keep wearing those awesome Halloween shirts, too! Where did you get so many of them?

  2. Nice save on the cookies! Mine never turn out like the pictures. :/

    Your long-lost son reminds me of mine. Except mine is usually lost in the basement.

  3. PG & E speak is a foreign language...they came over to our house and said a bunch of jibberish when we moved in...i nodded and smiled and closed the door :)

    Glad that one way or the other, you and long lost son had some time together!

  4. TFTG: Most of my shirts come from either Target or Walmart. Because I'm fairly short, I buy size Large from the boys department. That's where all the good ones are. When I look in the women's department, all the Halloween Ts have cutesy, sparkly stuff like witches and kitty cats.