Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rob, Rod, Ron, Robert and Bob: Strange Coincidences

Wow, three comments on my first post! I'm going to consider that a huge success, even if the first one is my husband.

I'm still half-asleep. Slept till 6:15, haven't done that in ages! Yesterday I tackled a major gardening project in the midday sun, and it kind of wiped me out. We've been letting our lawn die, and I filled in a strip along the front with bark and tree stumps and rocks. Looks pretty good if I say so myself.

After I finished, I decided I needed a bike ride to the thrift store to reward myself. So I got my bike out of the garage and hopped on, and it wouldn't pedal. I figured something was jamming the gears, but I couldn't tell what. Rod, the guy across the street, sees that I'm having problems and yells for me to walk my bike over. He looks at it and sees that a screw and a wire from my bike rack got jammed into the gears. (Then I remembered that I felt something shift when I unloaded groceries from my last bike ride.) So, he's fixing it for me when the guy next door to him, Ron, walks over and volunteers to help or bring out his bike repair kit.

I started laughing because it reminded me of that old joke, about how if your car breaks down in redneck country, you can barely get your door open before a dozen guys hop out of pick-up trucks to push you to the side of the road; they live for that sort of thing.

Well, this was the Sonoma County version of that joke; your bike breaks down, and a dozen guys show up to help you fix it! I was very grateful for that; I am not mechanically minded, and I would have had to cancel my bike ride if they hadn't fixed it for me.

Notice the similarity of names? My husband is Rob, the guy across the street is Rod, and next to him is Ron. Not only that, but our letter carrier is Bob, and the letter carrier who delivers to and lives around the corner from us is Robert. (Cue Twilight Zone music.)

Plus, we have the great triumvirate of mail delivery in our block. My hubby is a carrier for the US Postal Service, one of Rod's tenants delivers for Fed Ex, and the lady two doors away is a UPS driver. The coincidence amuses me.

Any strange coincidences going on in your lives?


  1. I am the "coincidence" queen. I posted the other week about being a bit psychic. I am a TON psychic. ANd people I dont think about for years pop into my head and then the next day, they email me. Stuff like that always happens to me. I could go on and on.

    Have fun tomorrow whatever that entails!!

  2. Wow that IS weird! I can't think of any strange coincidences lately (maybe I'm just unobservant?) but I'm glad you are blogging! Woohooo!

  3. Every time our older daughter visits, we try to make plans for the beach, the city, etc. And every time before she arrives, she says, "let's play it by ear". She is a musician and does PR for band. So far, every time she's been here, she has set up a band that she's promoting, and we go to the show.
    And she's not trying to toot her own horn, either.