Thursday, January 13, 2011


Made you look!

It's really tricky coming up with attention-grabbing titles for my posts, especially when the contents aren't really that exciting.

Without further fan-fare, here are days 19 through 22 of my routine-breakers:

19: Because I work past my regular dinner hour, I now need to prepare dinner right after breakfast two days a week. On this day, I fixed pumpkin enchiladas:

Rob can pop one in the microwave when he gets home from work, and then I can do the same when I get home. And we've got left-overs for the next day! I love left-overs.

20: About two years ago I got a bum bottle of olive oil that was all dark and cloudy, and I felt queasy after using it. I've avoided olive oil ever since. I figured it was about time to give it another try, and made a simple vinaigrette dressing. Not my favorite, but it didn't make me sick, either. I will no longer consciously avoid using olive oil.

21: At the beginning of October, I planned to paint a dining-room chair. I sanded it and prepped it with masking tape, then the holidays happened, and I sort of never got around to doing it. This day I stopped procrastinating and did it:

22: No gum chewing. I avoid chewing gum in public, but I'm usually chomping on it while I'm home. I missed it.


  1. Whoa. My mind is boggled! ;) Those pumpkin enchiladas look tasty!

  2. I never thought about pumpkin enchiladas. I might have try them. Do you have the recipe?

  3. This is a very forgiving recipe! If you don't have these spices on
    hand, use a couple tsp of taco seasoning. The cream cheese and scallions
    are optional but recommended, and if you don't want the fat, don't use
    it on the tortillas. You don't need to be exact about any of the measurements.

    Pumpkin Enchiladas
    12 corn tortillas
    30-oz can of pumpkin
    4 or more scallions, sliced
    4-8 oz cream cheese
    1/2 tsp chili powder
    1/4 tsp ground cumin
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp coriander
    1/4 tsp oregano

    2 C grated cheese; cheddar, jack, mexican blend, whatever you've got.
    16 oz salsa

    Mix the pumpkin, cream cheese, scallions, and spices together. (Easier
    if you soften the cream cheese in the microwave first.) It tastes best
    if you make this mix a day ahead of time to let the flavors mingle.

    Heat oil of choice in a skillet. Dip 12 corn tortillas briefly in oil to
    soften (one at a time)

    Spoon the pumpkin mixture into the tortillas and roll-up. I put two in
    each of six individual baking dishes, but you can also put them all in a
    glass 9' x 13' baking pan, or make it casserole style by breaking the tortillas
    into pieces, putting half of them in the pan, then spooning in the pumpkin
    mix, then the other half of the tortilla pieces on top of that.

    Then you sprinkle your salsa and cheese on top of that. You can also add browned ground beef or chicken. These have chunks of left-over rotiserrie
    chicken underneath the cheese and salsa.

    Bake in 350-degree oven on bottom rack about 40 minutes. Keep an eye on
    them to make If the top isn't burning. If they're not hot enough, simply nuke
    them in the microwave.

    Leftovers are great in the microwave.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Dragonmamma! it looks very interesting. I'll try ti out and let you know what I think.