Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Post of 2011

Day 13: I do some warm-up exercises as soon as I wake up, which is when routines come in handy, because you don't want to think when you're half-asleep. But my brain was whirling and I woke up at 2am, so I decided to experiment. Came up with a new hip exercise which will be permanently added to my routine.

Day 14: I've been a tea-totaler for years, but when I did used to drink, I loved booze in hot coffee. With all the emphasis on drinking on New Year's Eve, I caved in and bought a bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme. There was plenty left over, so I had a cup for breakfast today, and then I had some more later on in a cup of hot cocoa! Happy New Year!

Day 15: My first full shift on my new job. Talk about a crazy time of year to start working at the YMCA! You have no idea how many people are signing up for new memberships and classes right now.

Day 16: I switched all the clothing around in my wardrobe. It used to be: Jackets, shoe-rack, pant, shirts. Now it's: Shoe-rack, shirts, pants, and jackets. No particular reason, just did it as a routine-breaker. 

Day 17: I usually weigh myself every day, but I've been avoiding the scale the past few days to deny how many cookies I've eaten this past couple of weeks. I decided I won't weigh myself for the rest of the month.

Day 18: My morning routine is to take a shower when I get back from the gym, and then I slop around in my sweats until I have to leave the house. As soon as I dried myself today, I got fully dressed. Now I don't have to be embarrassed if somebody comes to the door.


  1. Baileys is just a good thing, isnt it!

    And so is your new job....CONGRATS!

  2. There's nothing better around this time of year than sipping a cup filled with steaming goodness. Thanks for keeping us updated about the new job, and I have no doubt the gym's busy at the first of the year.

    Love your blog, as always!

  3. Man, I just got back into weighing myself everyday. Those Christmas Cookie pounds were pretty brutal to me this time around. Maybe I should come visit you at the Y. :)

  4. Hmmmm. And now I'm wondering if there's such a thing as Bailey's Irish Creme Cake? Eh, probably not. It would be outlawed in all 89 states.