Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Sweet-hearts

Days 24-30 of routine-breakers

24: Rob and I called each other honey, dear, darling, sweet-heart, etc. for the entire day. It felt like we were in an Ozzie and Harriet episode.

25: No jaywalking. It took all my will-power to use the crosswalks.

26: I decided to take an entire week's break from the gym. I usually work-out 6 days a week, but my body's been needing a rest. I'm enjoying the extra time at home.

27: Brushing my teeth with the opposite hand.

28: I've been wanting an adult tricycle to carry groceries for a long time, but never even saw one at the bike stores. A friend of my son got one for Christmas and she let me try it out.

Talk about lack of maneuverability! I never realized how much movement comes from leaning to the side, which you can't do with a trike. Plus, you keep whacking your heels on the back wheels if you try to walk it. I no longer want an adult tricycle.

29: I've had three wishbones (2 turkey, 1 chicken) sitting on the counter for a few months, because I keep forgetting to get Rob to make a wish with me. I figured what the heck, who says I can't make a wish and pull both halves by myself? I can't possibly lose! That's what you call a Win-Win situation. So I made three wishes and broke all three by myself.

30: Usually when Rob is home from work, I cut loose and eat whatever I want. (Cookies, candy, popcorn, etc.) But I've been feeling a bit too well-fed lately, so I stuck to real food today.

Because of my workout break, I've had extra time and energy to spend around the house. I got another dining room chair painted

and I've been doing a little bit of embroidery on the dull dining room curtains to make them match my colorful tablecloth.

Yesterday I fixed stuffed bell-peppers.

I still have two more days left of my break; I'll probably spend most of it in the kitchen.


  1. Great embroidery work on the curtains! Man...seeing those stuffed bell-peppers makes me wish blogs could have a scratch 'n sniff mode. They look delicious.

  2. The wishbones thing is HILARIOUS! Win-win, for sure. :)

  3. Your curtains look great! :)

    To answer your question about the reusable sandwich bags. I used fabric I had on hand to save money; sweatshirt, receiving blanket, polyester blend. Since these were for preschool aged kids I knew that they'd be used for things like cheerios. But you can use a food safe vinyl or PUL fabric to make it wipeable, otherwise I just throw mine in the wash :)