Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Naked Ears and Doodling

Routine-breakers days 69 through 72 (Feb 25 through 28)

69: I walked directly from work to the grocery store to do some shopping. Had to plan ahead and bring my tote bags with me.

70: When I was a bored student in school and college, I doodled all the time, but that was years ago. After 30 some years, my style hasn't really changed.

71: My husband is the list-maker in the house, not me. I prefer to carry crucial info around in my head. I forgot to take a picture and I can't find it now, but I made a to-do list of such important tasks as grinding coffee, making flax-seed pancakes, and washing the sheets.

72: I've constantly worn earrings my entire adult life. One time when I was visiting my mom I lost one, so I switched the remaining earring from ear to ear for the rest of the week. So I took my earrings out for more than 24 hours. I kept rubbing at my earlobes all day just because I could.


  1. Hrmmm....that's very interesting earring facts. LOL!

  2. Nice doodles, and I like your oilcloth tablecloth. Did you get it at the farmers market?

  3. It took me FOREVER to find the oilcloth. At the time I was looking, they did not sell it at the farmer's market. I got it at a place above Copperfield's in Sebastopol called Tamarlane. I've also discovered that they carry it at Favorite Things on Fourth St, Santa Rosa.