Saturday, March 12, 2011

ZAP, Chopsticks, Sound of Silence

Routine-breakers days 73 through 76

73: There's a store down-town that sells ZAP electric motor vehicles; cars, scooters, mini trucks, etc. It's been there a few years but I've never been inside. Today I went in and looked at them. Very cool; if I had an extra few thousand bucks sitting around I would totally buy an electric vehicle with a foot-pedal option.

74: I won a gift-certificate from a radio-station before Christmas (for identifying a song played backwards) and I still hadn't used it. When I got home from my morning work-out, Rob and I used it to have breakfast at the Crepevine. I had a really yummy steak, mushroom and caramelized onion sandwich with fries.

75: I haven't used chopsticks for years. I guess it's like bike-riding; once you learn, you never forget. Stir-fry is easy; slaw soup is a bit trickier.

76: I didn't say a word to Rob all day. (I warned him the day before so he wouldn't think I was mad at him.) I think he liked it. I had a really hard time keeping my mouth zipped; there were all sorts of things I was bursting to say.


  1. Really awesome post, as always! Thanks for sharing your world with us.

  2. Ummm. A song played backyards. How the hells did you do that? And sorry, but I thought this was about Chapsticks (which I need), not chopsticks (which I need practice with).

  3. I am so stocked up on chapsticks. I found an after-Christmas sale: Vanilla flavored chapsticks with pictures of Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer on them for 10-cents each! I bought 30. That ought to last me till next Christmas.