Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bike-ride Goodies

Day 89 routine-breaker

Are you having Bike-to-Work-Day Events in your city? I'm so close to work that I walk there instead of bike, but I took a bike ride after I got done with my morning workout-at the Y so I could score some free shwag at the energizer station. Check out the goodies I got:

Ooh, I even got a big can of coconut water, which is just about my favorite thing these days! The bars will be perfect for me to take to the airport on Saturday, (Assuming the TSA doesn't confiscate them for looking like terrorist weapons.)

I hit up a 2nd energizer station for a free pancake breakfast! I don't usually eat pancakes, but how could I resist when they also had bowls of fresh berries and whipped cream to put on top? And coffee?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Banzai Gardening

I'm leaving for San Diego in a few days. I did some planting last week, but I still had three plants left-over (tomato, yellow squash and lemon cucumber) and no place to put them. I really wanted to get them planted before leaving; Rob is still here to water them.

So I was at Costco this morning, and they had these big corrugated boxes with holes in the bottom. I took them home and plopped them on top of our dying lawn and filled them with home-grown compost. Ta-da! Instant raised beds. I think they're sturdy enough to get through the season without falling apart; we shall see.