Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stuff-swap follow up

So, what did I bring home from the swap yesterday? How about two brand-new wine glasses, with the Pier-1 Imports sticker still on them?

We don't drink wine, but I think strawberry smoothies will look extra-special in them.
I also picked up a small bag of Starbucks coffee. The swapping/stealing went on for six rounds, but I stopped after two because everything I wanted was gone already.

Just as important is all the stuff I got rid of! I told everyone the story about the tea kettle, but one person came in 45 minutes late and nabbed it. (She'll discover its flaws the first time she uses it; that'll teach her to be late!)

I was also happy to find a home for this shirt that I embroidered for my dad about 40 years ago, that he saved for special occasions:

One of the ladies tried it on and it fit perfectly, and she liked it even more when I told her the background.


  1. Aaw, I love the story behind the shirt - its really beautiful! ^^ I think that those glasses will be perfect for some nice smoothies or milkshakes as well.

  2. smoothies in a wine glass is fancy. I do that, too. We are both fancy ladies.

    the shirt story is awesome, but woe to that woman who was late. Lateness never pays. That's what my boss told me anyways.